Some commonly asked questions.



Can I get samples to try at home?

Yes, we really recommend that you do so as the tiles really need to be seen and touched for their beauty to be fully appreciated. How much do you charge for samples? Samples are priced individually as shown on the "order samples" page with a small charge for P&P. We will happily refund this amount, excluding postal charges, if returned in good condition within 28 days.


Can I buy by mail-order?

Yes. Call us on 01993 810014, or email info@mayburyhome to place your order, request samples or for any general enquiries.


What are the delivery charges?

These will depend on your order but on average expect to pay £10-15 for delivery within the UK.


 How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

If we have the tiles in stock they will be sent by next-day delivery. For tiles that need to be ordered please allow 8-10 weeks. We will advise you of availability when you get in contact.


Is there a minimum order?

Not for the tiles we have in stock.


Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes, although delivery charges will vary depending on where you are. Please contact us for details.


Can I visit your showroom to see the tiles for myself?

 Yes, you are more than welcome to do so.

Our showroom is at 4 Market St, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1SX. 


Does the size and shade vary between tiles?

Yes mother of pearl is a natural product and the tonal variation between each tile creates added interest.


Are the tiles waterproof and suitable for areas such as steam rooms and saunas?



Can the tiles be used on floors?

 Due to the uneven nature of the shell surface we do not recommend using them for flooring.


Can they be used outside?

They are not frost-proof so we would not advise this.


How thick are the tiles?

30-50 mm. The "plain" range varies in thickness due to the natural shell surface. The "decorative" range has a flat surface so has a uniform depth, although the actual measurement will depend on the shell type. Please contact us if you require more detailed information.


Are the tiles simple to apply?

Yes - you can put them up as easily as any other tile.


What adhesive should I use?

Ceramic tile adhesive is fine.


Can the tiles be cut?

Yes, although best done by a professional.


How do I choose my grout?

Grout as you would for any ceramic tiles. The choice of colour is up to you although we find cream grout looks good.


Do they need to be sealed?

No, they are hand polished and waterproof.


How should they be cleaned?

We advise that you do not clean with a coarse abrasive product. This will dull the shine of the tiles. Simply use a soft cloth and warm water.